UAW Executive Board Files Article 31 Charges to Expel Former Officers and Staff Who Have Been Convicted of Criminal and Unethical Conduct

Action Would Expel Eight UAW Officials from Membership

Detroit - The UAW’s International Executive Board filed charges Friday under Article 31 of the UAW Constitution against former Vice Presidents Joseph Ashton and Norwood Jewell, along with former UAW International Representatives Edward “Nick” Robinson, Nancy Johnson, Jeffrey Pietrzyk, Michael Grimes, Keith Mickens, and Virdell King, seeking to expel them from membership in the UAW.

The Article 31 charges, signed unanimously by every member of the International Executive Board, assert that these officers and staff engaged in serious misconduct in violation of the law and the Ethical Practices Code of the UAW Constitution.       

“Any UAW member who uses their position to break the law or blatantly violates the sacred oath they took to faithfully serve our members will be subject to removal from their post and expulsion from our union," said President Rory Gamble.  "My administration, and the entire Executive Board, will continue to hold accountable those who commit criminal conduct or serious violations of our Ethical Practices Code.  And we will continue to aggressively implement the critical reforms necessary to strengthen our union’s financial controls, oversight, and overall accounting system to ensure the type of conduct described in these charges will not reoccur."