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UAW Region 1A

Jimmie Williams--International Representative


Jimmie Williams began his career as a trade unionist when he was hired by Ford Motor Company as production welder at the Dearborn Frame Plant in 1977. He became involved with the union and was elected a district committeeperson in 1984. Williams was elevated by election to Bargaining Committee in 1989. He was elected plant chairperson of the Dearborn Frame/Dearborn Diversified Plant in 1997. He served as plant chairperson until 2005 when he was selected to be on the International Staff by UAW President Ron Gettelfinger.

He has served in sourcing, servicing, and as the head of arbitration in the Ford Department. Williams was the Human Resource Manager in the UAW President’s Office prior to being assigned to Region 1A under the jurisdiction of Regional Director Rory Gamble. He currently services Ford and IPS facilities in UAW Region 1A.

A native of Detroit, Williams and his wife Miriam are the proud parents of Jonathan, Jimmie Jr. and Miriam.


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