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Join the MLK Task Force Inc. to commemorate the holiday symbolizing brotherhood among all men, reminding us of the ongoing struggle to keep the dream alive for human rights in our community, and for peace throughout the world.

WHO: UAW Members, Friends & Family
WHAT: 2019 Peace Walk
WHEN: Monday, January 21st, 2019, 9:30 a.m.
WHERE: Hope United Methodist Church, Southfield, MI

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The UAW Financial Officers’ Conference will be held Sunday, March 24 through Friday, March 29, 2019, at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This conference is for local union presidents, financial secretaries/treasurers, trustees and recording secretaries.

In a special episode, AFL-CIO's Julie and Tim discuss plant closures at General Motors with longtime autoworker Brad Markell.

We all watched as the news reported the devastation from Hurricane Maria when it struck Puerto Rico. Regarded as the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rican history, it made landfall on September 20, 2017 as a high Category 4 hurricane with winds up to 175 mph. The storm destroyed the electrical grid and knocked out power on the entire island along with leaving immense amounts of debris, making the roads virtually unpassable. 

The Fifth Annual Rob Finch Memorial Chili Cook-Off was held on November 9, 2017 in the CPG Cafeteria. Tim Fry reported a great turn-out with a record twenty-four pots of chili submitted in the competition. Sandi Killingsworth, Geoff Jeal and Creag Guernsey were the iron-intestined judges. Prizes for the winners were donated by Jerry Fenby Jr. Snap On Tools, Doug Sterrett Mac Tools, Zac Finch Cornwell Tools and FCA’s own Craig Latta.
The Judges Choice winners were: 

UAW Local 1284 and Chelsea Proving Grounds is now part of the Adopt a Highway program thanks to the keen eye of Jeff Fisher, formerly of the Durability Department and now with Emissions Rolls. Jeff has previous experience with the Adopt a Highway program since he used to coordinate a two mile section of I-94 for Jackson County Community College. When he noticed that the two mile section of M-52 between Scio Church and I-94 became available for adoption, he immediately called MDOT and procured it. Bill Heeney and Bob Jordan both thought it was a great idea and the plan was in action.