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UAW Local 892 Saline


“It is estimated that twelve workers lose their life on the job every day in the United States. This is unacceptable and affects many of us in many ways; spouses become widows, children lose a mother or father, co-workers lose a friend and we, as a union, lose a brother or sister. Read more >>>

Virtually everything working people have gained to improve health and retirement security since the 1940s is now at risk, including Medicare, Medicaid, workplace health plans, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security.

Republicans in Congress are rushing to approve legislation that effectively would end these programs without providing a replacement for the 30 million Americans who will become uninsured.

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Reminder: Region 1A Expo is next week!

Join us for Region 1A's Expo next week May 3 from 11 AM- 7 PM at 9650 S. Telegraph Rd., Taylor, MI 48180.


Download the flyer


Download the flyer


The United States Supreme Court: Why It Matters to UAW Members

Presidential and congressional elections rightfully dominated the national news and our attention last year. Their decisions impact nearly every facet of our lives. The wages we earn, water we drink, our ability to protect ourselves from terrorism, and the education our children receive are all directly impacted by their decisions. That said, we are a nation of laws and our Constitution establishes limits to their power....

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Remembering Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike

Lorraine Agtang Reflects on the Delano Grape Strike, which occurred over 50 years ago.

The March-April Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

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The Ryan Health Care Bill puts retirement at risk by making massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Speaker Ryan and House Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and replace it with a bill that gives millions in tax breaks to the rich. They want to pay for those tax breaks by taxing your benefits and stealing Medicare and Medicaid funds.

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Take ownership in our local hall by helping us on our work days! During the second week of Shut-Down we will spend 2 days fixing up the hall. The hall could use a little TLC from its membership. We will be cleaning, painting, weeding and planting. There are also some minor fix-it projects in electrical, plumbing, and basic construction that need attention. So bring yourself, your kids, anyone you can grab and come join us. Monday afternoon, July 11th, from 2-6 pm and all day Tuesday, July 12th, from 8am-6 pm. We will have plenty of refreshments to keep your strength up and lots of fun working together.

In Solidarity,

Lucinda Rehfeldt

2015 Faurecia Saline CBA

This is the Final Draft of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

It was ratified by the membership on August 3, 2015 and continues until May 31, 2019.


A link to the Newsletter PDF.



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