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Welcome Sakthi Automotive employees to the UAW!


The NLRB election today was a success for working families! A special thanks to all our brothers and sisters that came out and supported these workers today and the various rallies!

Check out UAW Region 1A's 2013 Year in Review!

This is a critical political year for working men and women and their families. The attacks on our collective bargaining rights, pensions, wages, and benefits are increasing. We must have unified labor support to elect candidates who will work to secure effective labor legislation and beneficial social programs.

Please sign your V-CAP card and make your selection of new “American Made – Union Made” incentives. These items are for all active and retired members who participate in V-CAP.

MSNBC: GM deal with union: It's all about jobs (09/21/11-PDF) What Obama really said about unions (08/18/11-pdf)

Region 1A Retiree News: Summer 2011 edition (pdf)

SF Bay Guardian: The battle of our generation (06/14/11-pdf)

Daily Bill Update - 061311 (ods)

House Bill 4572 - Bullet Points (pdf)

SolidNET - DET NEWS: Union Protesters Targeting Romney (06/09/11-pdf)

DET NEWS: Revived Big 3 prep for new hiring blitz (05/31/11-pdf)

Monthly Review: Ten Reasons Why Protecting Unions Is a Life and... (05/11/11-pdf)

AP: Hiring at fastest pace since ’06 (05/07/11-pdf)

AP: Group begins effort to recall Gov. Rick Snyder (04/19/11-pdf)

American Prospect: A New Union Contract (04/18/11-pdf)

UAW.ORG: UAW workers recalled to Volvo Trucks (04/07/11-pdf)

DET NEWS: King: Unions, middle class under attack by GOP (04/06/11-pdf)

BLOOMBERG: UAW Membership Posts First Gain in Six Years... (04/01/11-pdf)

MLIVE: Michigan Democrats will introduce bill to restore 26 weeks... (03/31/11-pdf)

FREEP: UAW signals it would trade lower wages for new jobs (03/30/11-pdf)

NYT: Michigan Cuts Jobless Benefit by Six Weeks (03/28/11-pdf)

AP: Judge blocks contentious Wisconsin union law (03/18/11-pdf)

FREEP: Quicken the victor in lawsuit on overtime (03/17/11-pdf)

BLOOMBERG: Americans oppose Republican attack on unions... (03/09/11-pdf)

DET NEWS: Pact ends boycott of Andiamo restaurants (03/02/11-pdf)

OAKPRESS: UAW plans to send organizer to Mexico (03/01/11-pdf)

AP: Prank Call to Wisconsin Governor (02/23/11-pdf)

WSJ: State Plans Anger Unions (02/17/11-pdf)

Cornell: Student Organization Brings Together Foreign Students (02/15/11-pdf)

AP: Wal-Mart can fire man for med marijuana use (02/12/11-pdf)

UAWire: Republicans refuse to extend help to jobless Americans (02/11/11-pdf)

DET NEWS: Chrysler scores hit with risky ad (02/08/11-pdf)

EPI.ORG: Are Michigan Public Employees Over-compensated? (02/07/11-pdf)

FREEP: Ford rightly shares the wealth with workers (01/29/11-pdf)

WSJ: Public Employee Unions: Public Enemy No. 1? (01/27/11-pdf)

FOX Biz News: UAW President Bob King at Auto Show (01/13/11-pdf)

FREEP: UAW's Bob King: The union has changed (01/12/11-pdf)

WSJ: UAW Sets a Strategy on Foreign Car Plant (01/03/11-pdf)

DET NEWS: Cobra Jet Mustangs to zoom out of Flat Rock plant (12/16/10-pdf)

BLOOMBERG: Wal-Mart Plans to End Extra Pay for Sunday Shifts (12/08/10-pdf)

Chattanooga Times Free Press: Corker to VW - No UAW (11/23/10-pdf)

UAW dealers and Caesars Atlantic City approve first contract (11/23/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: Opposition to bailout of automakers drops (11/23/10-pdf)

PJ Star: Tension rising between Caterpillar Inc. and UAW (11/10/10-pdf)

Inside Higher Ed: NLRB Steps Toward Grad Unions (10/28/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: Yes, auto firm bailouts worked (10/25/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: New Ford trucks sport powerful V-6 engines (10/25/10-pdf)

FREEP: Ford adding 250 workers at Dearborn Truck plant (10/23/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: UAW's King rallies members ahead of mid-term elections (10/03/10-pdf)

AFL-CIO Blog: Corker Tells Whopper: ‘I Saved the Auto Industry’ (09/21/10-pdf)

Reuters: UAW chief to meet Fiat CEO and Italian suppliers (09/21/10-pdf) Forget Terrorism, cheap labor will kill us (09/20/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: Auto memoirs expose blunt talk behind closed doors (09/16/10-pdf)

DET NEWS: Ford updates F-150 Raptor with more power (09/03/10-pdf)

FREEP: New GM CEO: I'll work with the UAW (09/03/10-pdf)

MetroTimes: King's legacy: If you don't keep marching, you start losing (09/01/10-pdf)

POST: No holiday for labor union (09/01/10-pdf)

Freep Article: Rev. Jackson, UAW ask Ford staff to join march (08/25/10-pdf)


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