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Darryl Goodwin, UAW Region 1A Assistant Director

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Darryl Goodwin joined the UAW in 1994 at Local 898 when he hired into the Rawsonville Ford Plant. His career as a trade unionist began when he was appointed to several local committees. His desire to help his fellow UAW members fueled his election as District Committeeperson in 1999 and 2002. His rise in union leadership continued as Goodwin was elected Production Bargaining Representative in 2003 and 2005. He was also elected to consecutive UAW Constitutional Conventions and served on the convention's Rules Committee.



In February 2008, Goodwin was appointed to the UAW International Staff by President Ron Gettelfinger and assigned to UAW Region 1A under the jurisdiction of Regional Director Rory Gamble.


In March of 2013, Director Gamble appointed him Assistant Director for UAW Region 1A. In addition to assisting the director, Goodwin is responsible for the day to day operations as well as the Region 1A Detroit V.O.T.E Center. He also supervises the regional, clerical and maintenance employees of the region.


A native of Detroit, Goodwin graduated from Chadsey High School and received a football scholarship from Central Michigan University, where he studied Psychology and Sociology. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1985 and started work as a child-care and social worker in his community.


In addition to his union involvement, Goodwin actively gives back to his community. He has spent over 15 years volunteering and mentoring youth for the West Side Clubs of Detroit; a program he credits for saving his life. Goodwin has also directed youth outreach programs, football and cheerleading camps in the metropolitan Detroit area.


Goodwin is a member of the NAACP, CBTU, TULC and the Democratic Party. He and his wife, Kim have three children Andre 32, Ashley 25, and Alex 20. They are the proud grandparents of four year old Kyli.

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